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Fintech company.

We are your solution in difficult situations.

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WHo we are

  • We are the only company in the world that can issue a loan without any question in just 30 seconds
  • Our company value is the unique hardware and software that facilitates and accelerates the loan process as compared to traditional methods
  • Our proprietary software individually selects the loan amount and the reimbursement rate based on the borrower's credit history
  • CASHSOSWIFTLY develops and operates one of the widest network of automated lending machines around the world

Our Products


A mobile application for online loan disbursement.

DOZP app


Our special terminal for loan disbursement in 30 seconds.


Kreditomat business

Partnership program for SMEs to increase the working capital of your business and to attract new customers.

Click Advance app

We, in Cashsoswiftly, bring two absolute benefits to the societies where we operate

People who borrow money will NOT steal, rob, and violate law in any way.
People who borrow money learn financial responsibility at the lowest stakes.

  • We give people credit. We trust our client unconditionally when sometimes no one else trusts him
  • We try to help and we help when there is no other help
  • Our interest added never grows limitlessly like banking loans. Therefore, even when our client is in need, he will still repay a smaller amount compared to banking loan

Microfinance institutions brings following basic benefits to the society

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Access to money

It is very often when banks simply won’t extend loans to those with little or no assets, and generally will not engage in the small size of loans typically associated with microfinancing. Our business is based on the philosophy that even small amounts of credit can help end the cycle of poverty

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Better repayment rates

People who borrow small amounts of money tend to be more responsible to repaying their debts because they act more cautiously

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Extend education and health

When in trouble, when in need for immediate, instant money – to pay for education, to pay for health services, people do not have time to wait. Therefore, we empower our clients to pay faster when they really need money

our Mission

We strive to become a global leading client-oriented company, offering convenient access to innovative and competitive financial products across multiple channels to individuals

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We go beyond expectations

We are dedicated to simplifying, improving, and positively surprising our partners and clients we work with. Hungry to improve, we are curious, we are committed, we care. That's why we put our clients first

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We search for better

We combine our experience with a hunger for learning. We are focused on innovation to ensure that our products are always ahead of the competition. We seek to improve every aspect of our business through the creativity of our team

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We appreciate differences

Diversity and difference are what make us stronger. We are committed to attracting the widest range of people and providing an environment where they can flourish. Our blend of people is what sets us apart and we embrace their contributions

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We grow

We are a family that values honesty and integrity. Across our network, we treat others in the way we would like to be treated. We empower each person to do what it takes to deliver and we collaborate and engage as one united team. Together we achieve more



news and events

img news 2020-11-27

Global microfinance market: focuses and trends

According to recent researches the global market for microfinance is projected to reach US$313.7 billion by 2025. This whopping growth will be fueled by the rising inequality in wealth distribution and the resulting increase in the number of unbanked people.

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img news 2020-11-27

Online lending market – prospects and trends

Online lending market grows from basic microfinance services and for many MFIs is just another channel. In reality, with development of current IT infrastructure, digital shift, online lending, staying a channel, has already grown into a separate platform and marketplace...

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img news 2020-11-27

Our directions & plans for 2021

What have we learnt from the year 2020? Any plans can be ruined, derailed, decimated. And still we plan our directions, where we want to be by the end of 2021. Certainly, pandemic hit our budget, operations and even endangered our bottom line...

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